WP18 How to create a complicated digital twin

In my last post in Xanga.com


I have discussed how to make a digital twin. Before I continue, let me explain why I left Xanga. The reason was that earlier this morning I tried in vain to copy and paste this article in it. So there is no use breaking my head to solve the problem, when I still have an account in WordPress. My apologies to my Indonesian readers that this article is written in English. Of course you can use Google’s translating tool.

Now let me return to my original discussion. In that post in Xanga, the objects were sitting far apart.

But what if the objects were sitting close together? At first it seemed impossible to create a digital twin because parts of the objects will overlap. But luckily my youngest son came to my rescue.

So now I can share the secret with you. Like in the previous post, you have to have a digital camera fastened to a stand, a long chair where the object can sit and of course a computer with Adobe Photoshop installed in it. Using the self-timer facility, I took the first picture while sitting on the left side of the chair, and a second one while sitting on the right side. On both instances parts of my body are exceeding the mid line.


Before we proceed, I want to point out some important Photoshop tools we are going to use, namely the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), the Move Tool (V), the Brush Tool (B) and the Set Foreground Colour facilit

3 Tools

Now open the second picture with Photoshop and using the Rectangular Marquee copy part of the picture as indicated by the arrows in the picture below.

4 Copy part of right picture

After this you can close the picture and open the first picture, then paste the copied part of the second picture on the right hand side. Using the Move Tool and your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard, move the right part so that both sides of the picture align.  The result can be seen in the picture below. Notice that the lower legs of the object at the left are still hidden.

5 Paste

The first thing you have to do to make the hidden parts visible is click the “Add vector mask” icon. Immediately a blank rectangular called the “Layer mask thumbnail” will appear. Now click on the blank rectangular.

6 Layers Make sure that you have selected black as the foreground colour. Now use the Brush Tool and carefully move it over the hidden parts. These parts will immediately appear as seen in the next picture.

7 Hidden parts appear

As soon as all hidden parts are visible, click on the “Layers” command (located at the top of the page) and click “Flatten Image”.  Using the Rectangular Marquee, crop the image as desired and save it.

Now look at the result. Interesting, isn’t it?

8 Final


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